Archet - アルシェ 「弓」の専門メーカー





VIOLIN BOW, Tourte model by KUNITAKA OHSEVIOLA BOW, Tourte model by KUNITAKA OHSEVIOLIN, Stradivari model by YUKI HORI
The spirit of the old masters from the past centuries is ‘alive’. 過ぎ去った時代のオールド・マスター達の魂が宿った作品。


1971年ストラスブールに生まれ、4歳よりヴァイオリンをはじめる。イザイの弟子であったオスカル・ジェマン氏に教えを受け、わずか10歳にしてオーケストラと協演。その後は、ハイフェッツに教えを受けたソリスト、ピエール・アモイヤル氏に師事するべく、パリ音楽院とローザンヌ音楽院に進む。ローザンヌ音学院では最優秀ソリストに選ばれ、コンサート・ディプロマを取得した。同時期に、ルッジェーロ・リッチ氏やメンターと仰ぐジーノ・フランチェスカッティからも薫陶を受けた。これまでにソロ・ヴァイオリニストとして、ストラスブール響、カンヌ響、モンペリエ響、ローザンヌ室内管弦楽団、カールスルーエ・シンフォニエッタ等の欧州の著名オーケストラや、ルドルフ・バウムガルトナーやユーディ・メニューインなどの著名指揮者と協演を果たした。また、1698年製のストラディヴァリウスや1752年製のG.B.ガダニーニを自身で所有し、演奏してきた。現在は、演奏の一線からは退いたものの、名器・名弓の熱心なコレクターとして、世界的に有名である。楽器への情熱と知識をさらに追求するべく、友人のノルウエー人チェリスト、オイステン・ビルケラン氏と名器・名弓のコンサルティング会社を設立した。 Michael Zuber was born in Strasbourg in 1971 and received his first violin lessons from his grandfather at the age of four. At six he began studying with Oscar Jemine, former student of the Belgian virtuoso and teacher Eugène Ysaye. His first solo concerto performance with orchestra was in 1982 at the age of ten. He continued his studies with Pierre Amoyal, first in Paris and then at the Lausanne Conservatoire where he received the Premier Prix de Virtuosité avec Félicitations and the Licence de Concert (concert diploma). He participated as well in the master classes of Ruggiero Ricci. The legendary violinist Zino Francescatti, was for many years his teacher and mentor.Michael Zuber has performed numerous solo concertos with orchestra, including with the Sinfonia Varsovia, the philharmonic orchestras of Strasbourg, Cannes and Montpellier, the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra, the Solistes Européens du Luxembourg, the London Mozart Players, the Heilbronn Chamber Orchestra, the Karlsruhe Sinfonietta and the Baltic States Orchestra. He has been noticed by conductors such as Théodore Guschelbauer and Rudolf Baumgartner and has performed under Mathias Bamert, Lord Yehudi Menuhin (in 1998), Jack Martin Händler, Friedemann Layer, Jörg Faerber, Philippe Bender, Saulius Sondeckis, and others.He has recorded the five Mozart concertos and the Bach concertos with the Prague Chamber Orchestra. He has also recorded a French music CD with Magali Bourquin, playing Vierne and Debussy.Michael Zuber has played and owned many prominent instruments, including a Stradivari from 1698 and a G.B. Guadagnini made in 1752.He is a prize recipient (October 1998) and jury member (September 1999) of the Fondation d’Alsace. Michael Zuber has performed with artists such as Pierre Amoyal, Michael Rudy, Gérard Caussé, Gábor Takács-Nagy and François Killian.Michael Zuber is a passionate collector of fine instruments and bows and has for many years been active in the instrument market. In order to pursue his passion and knowledge, he has established a consultancy company with the Norwegian cellist Øystein Birkeland.
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